These are just a few of my projects that are available online.

Sudoku Solver

I got stuck on a sudoku so I built a solver to finish it. Pretty sure it doesn't count as cheating ;)

Try me January 2019

A timetable tool for UNSW to help organise trimesters. It searches and scapes the university website for degree and course details, ask student for subject selection, and generates a drag and drop timetable with prerequiste and term availability conditions.

Visit September 2018
This website

My personal site. Cause why not.

Home Published August 2018
UNSW Exchange

A prototype forum platform designed to increase communication between students and teachers for courses at UNSW.

Pitched to UNSW and now developing solutions with the Students as Partners team.

Log in June 2018
Study Easy HSC

A set of personalised study tools to help build effective study methods for students during the HSC.

Currently under development.

About May 2018 - Present

Plenty of more to come