These are just a few of my notable projects.

Automated a small-batch coffee roaster

Developed a microcontroller based control system to automate a small-batch coffee roaster. In this position I coordinated many R&D sub-projects, collaborated with engineers from various backgrounds, produced technical documents, and worked with C++, Python, SolidWorks, pneumatics, motors and other automation technologies.

Autonomous reversing of a tractor-implement vehicle for path tracking with robust control
Undergraduate Thesis

Designed various controllers and simulated them with a non-linear kinematic model in MATLAB. One of these controllers was a model predictive controller (MPC) that I built from the ground up to be optimised for this application. Other controllers include a sliding mode controller and a PD controller.

April 2021

A drawing automation tool for my Controls Engineering team at Dematic. It utilises data exported from other departments to generate AutoCAD drawings. This allows an engineer to create the skeleton for layout drawings in minutes instead of the usual several hours. It's built completely in Python.

May 2021
3D Pinter
Hypercube Evolution

A CoreXY design focussed on minimising the inertia of the gantry and the print head. It's based on an open hardware design and uses a custom installation of open source firmware.

January 2021
Genetic Algorithm Designer

A genetic algorithm in MATLAB that generates and optimises device placement across a conveyor network. This was designed to automate work for the Controls Engineering team at Dematic.

March 2021

A course planner for trimesters at UNSW. Students can add their subjects and interactively drag and drop them across various terms and years. Courses are coloured in green if their term offerings and prerequisites are satisfied, otherwise red. The database automatically scapes data from the university website weekly. This app supersedes joebangles and allows users to create an account and sync their data across devices in real time.

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Sudoku Solver

I got stuck on a sudoku so I built a solver to finish it. Pretty sure it doesn't count as cheating 😉

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Personal Website

You're looking at it.

Home August 2018

A timetable tool for UNSW to help organise trimesters. It searches and scapes the university website for degree and course details, asks students for subject selection, and generates a drag and drop timetable with prerequisite and term availability conditions.

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UNSW Exchange

A prototype forum platform designed to increase communication between students and teachers for courses at UNSW.

Pitched to UNSW and the joined Students as Partners Developer team.

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Plenty of more to come